Matthew Taylor


The impact of child support payments on the labour supply decisions of resident mothers

This report analyses the effect of receipt of child support payments on the labour supply of resident mothers. This is an important issue, given the role that paid employment plays in increasing the short- and long-term economic wellbeing of separated mothers.
Working paper

Trajectories of social and economic outcomes and problem gambling risk in Australia

This paper explores economic variables (household income, employment, qualification, financial hardship, risk and stress) and selected social variables (life satisfaction, psychological distress, alcohol intake and smoking) from multiple HILDA waves in respect to problem gambling risk.

Clean Energy future plan: household modelling

This report provides updated estimates of the household impact of the Government's Clean Energy future package and shows that the estimed impact of the carbon price will be lower than that estimed by Treasury. The empirical modelling has been updated to incorporate the latest household...

The distributional impact of the GST

INTRODUCTION This paper provides the distributional household impact of the existing Goods and Services Tax (GST) and a range of alternatives for expanding the rate and breadth of the GST. The GST is expected to have collected around $59 billion in the 2015-16 financial year...

The age old problem of old age: fixing the pension

This report argues that reforming the pension could deliver income gains of more than $5,900 a year to almost 98% of pensioners. These reforms would also reduce the cost of the pension by $14.5 billion a year. Executive summary
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