Catherine Bock

Fact sheet

COVID-19 and mental health: CSI response

This fact sheet aims to summarise ongoing concerns around the population-level psychological effects of the COVID-19 crisis, and synthesise the key elements of the mental health response.

Increasing and improving community mental health supports in Western Australia

Service providers have long been aware of the lack of community mental health supports in Western Australia. This project brought together co-design and research processes to examine the need for community mental health supports from a lived experience perspective.
Fact sheet

Homelessness and COVID-19: CSI response

In this fact sheet, Centre for Social Impact (CSI) academics outline the current state of homelessness in Australia and highlight specific risk areas.
Briefing paper

Navigating support systems

This is the third in a series of bulletins to communicate findings on particular issues and experiences facing families. This bulletin is focused on the support systems families navigate, including formal (service) supports and informal supports such as friends and community.
Technical report

The Western Australian Alliance to End Homelessness outcomes measurement and evaluation framework

The WAAEH Outcomes Measurement Framework offers a revitalised and reconceptualised approach to the research and evaluation of homelessness.