Damien Howard


Hey! Hear me out

This project aimed to understand what helps, and what makes it hard for First Nations NDIS participants who are deaf or hard of hearing, to use their NDIS plans in a way that meet their needs and aspirations.
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The impact of hearing impairment on early academic achievement in Aboriginal children living in remote Australia: a data linkage study

This study aimed to investigate prevalence of otitis media (OM) and related hearing loss in Aboriginal children living in the Northern Territory (NT) of Australia.
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Massive prevalence of hearing loss among Aboriginal inmates in the Northern Territory

This study explores the detrimental effects of hearing loss for Aboriginal inmates in the Northern Territory.
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Hearing and justice: the link between hearing impairment in early childhood and youth offending in Aboriginal children living in remote communities of the Northern Territory, Australia

High prevalence of chronic middle ear disease has persisted in Australian Aboriginal children, and the related hearing impairment (HI) has been implicated in a range of social outcomes. This study investigated the association between HI in early childhood and youth offending.

Investigation into hearing impairment among Indigenous prisoners within the Northern Territory Correctional Services

This report investigates the implications of hearing impairment among the Indigenous prisoners in Northern Territory Correctional Services. The results of the study found significant hearing loss among Indigenous prisoners, contributing to a breakdown of communication between inmates and prison officers. There is further discussion about...