Patrick Lim

Case study

Journeying through VET: a case study of foundation skills learners

Adult language, literacy, numeracy and digital skills, as well as employability skills, are often referred to as foundation skills—key ingredients that help people get a job and remain employed. This research explores the enrolment paths, program completions and employment and further study outcomes of learners...

VET as a re-engagement pathway for early school leavers

School non-completion and non-completers’ subsequent pathways into employment or back into education is an enduring issue for policy-makers in Australia. This report highlights the importance of providing career information, not only to young people, but also their parents/carers, before and after leaving school.

Skills utilisation in the workplace: the other side of the coin

This report investigates skill underutilisation in Australian workers by examining patterns of over-skilling and over-qualification and the pathways of people into jobs where they are over-skilled. It also examines what businesses are doing, if anything, to maximise skill usage.

The factors affecting the educational and occupational aspirations of young Australians

The authors examine factors that influence young people's plans to complete Year 12, their aspirations to commence university study in the first year after leaving school and their expected occupation at age 30. They also examine the extent to which the occupational aspirations of teenagers...

Socioeconomic disadvantage and participation in tertiary education: preliminary thoughts

This paper was written in 2010 to encourage policy-makers to think about how to measure socioeconomic status (SES). The findings show that measurement of SES is a complex issue, and that the Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas (SEIFA) measures perform quite well in measuring the aggregate...