Tom Karmel

Previously at: National Centre for Vocational Educational Research

The value of completing a VET qualification

Using data from the 2009 Student Outcomes Survey, the report looks at the pay-off to completion on a range of outcomes, and identifies the groups for whom completion is particularly important. The overall qualification estimated completion rate for the cohort commencing in 2005 was 27%...

Associate degree or advanced diploma? A case study

The distinction between VET and higher education in Australia is blurring. The purpose of this paper is to examine – through the conduct of a case study of engineering qualifications (AQF6) delivered in Victoria – how education and training providers and students are likely to...

Which paths work for young people?

This paper documents the transition of young people from high school to professional work, via tertiary study or vocational training and apprenticeships. In this paper, the authors identify various educational paths involving school and post-school study and assess the effectivness of these in relation to...

The factors affecting the educational and occupational aspirations of young Australians

The authors examine factors that influence young people's plans to complete Year 12, their aspirations to commence university study in the first year after leaving school and their expected occupation at age 30. They also examine the extent to which the occupational aspirations of teenagers...

Improving labour market outcomes through education and training

This paper uses the 2011 Census data to quantify the impact of educational disadvantage among Indigenous Australians for labour market participation, employment and occupational destinations. Introduction Economic participation is one of the fundamental building blocks identified in the Closing the Gap initiative (COAG 2008) for...