Ergo Pikas

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The dual nature of design management

Design management profession has probably got the least attention in the construction industry. One reason could be the lack of explicit conceptualizations about its nature, subject matter and principles. In this article, a conceptual design management framework is proposed on the premise that design management...
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Review of Lean Design management: processes, methods and technologies

Several lean methods, processes and tools have been successfully implemented in construction design, however, despite the increased use of Lean Design Management (LDM), many attributes are still applied in an isolated manner leading to lack of an integrated framework. The aim of this paper is...
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Design management in a design office: Solving the problem of relevance

In this study we contend that the conceptual foundations of conventional construction design and design management are obsolete, and these need to be substituted by a more comprehensive theoretical basis. As the first paper in the series of three, the main objective of this study...
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On epistemology of construction engineering and management

In philosophy of science, there have been two different starting points for epistemology: Platonism and Aristotelianism. These two alternative starting points have played a major role also in the formation of fundamental ideas of engineering and management generally as well as in relation to construction.