Petteri Uusitalo

Conference paper

Waste in design management operations from the viewpoint of project needs

Traditional design management processes aim to remove waste on individual design processes, neglecting to view the process as a whole. This research answers the question: How project participants perceive waste in design management operations, and in which ways the waste could be eliminated?
Journal article

Applying level of detail in a BIM-based project: an overall process for lean design management

Few construction companies apply the available lean tools and processes in an integrated manner when managing design. Additionally, lean design management tools and processes each have their own strengths and optimal phases in which they should be applied, so by combining information from various sources...
Conference paper

Review of Lean Design management: processes, methods and technologies

Several lean methods, processes and tools have been successfully implemented in construction design, however, despite the increased use of Lean Design Management (LDM), many attributes are still applied in an isolated manner leading to lack of an integrated framework. The aim of this paper is...