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Conference paper

Lean Design Management (LDM) has been used by lean practitioners to manage the design process in construction. Several methods, processes and tools have been successfully implemented, such as the Last Planner System (LPS), Target Value Design (TVD), Set-Based Design and Design Structure Matrix. However, despite the increased use of LDM, many attributes are still applied in an isolated manner. Thus, there is a lack of an integrated framework which takes into account possible combinations of LDM methods, processes, and technologies used by designers and construction companies. The aim of this paper is to analyse design management attributes based on a literature review, case studies and interviews with practitioners, in three countries (Finland, Norway and United States), which have previously reported advanced lean design management implementations. Three new attributes were identified based on the case studies and interviews: Location-Based Design Management, Level of Detail and Real-time cost estimation. The completed list of attributes was presented to three Finnish contractors, and each selected a different combination of tools for their project which will be used as case studies in future research. Future research will test new combinations of LDM tools and evaluate their interactions and benefits to the project teams.

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