Roar Fosse

Conference paper

Enabling lean design with management of model maturity

Traditional construction management has struggled with an ad hoc approach to design, increasing the number of negative iterations and sacrificing potential value. Building Information Modelling (BIM) has been driving information management in design, but its use has yet to be described in a way which...
Conference paper

The last planner system: Comparing Indian and Norwegian approaches

Construction projects around the world currently use the Last planner system (LPS) with different approaches. In this paper, we compare the Indian and Norwegian industry because of their contrasting cultural settings, in order to gather experiences and formulate possible improvements to their LPS approaches. A...
Conference paper

Virtual design and construction: Aligning BIM and lean in practice

The construction industry has experienced many inspiring improvements. Especially two movements have introduced innovative design and construction practices: The advancement of lean thinking and tools and maturity in applying BIM and related concepts and technologies. Although Lean and BIM often thrive in the same culture...