Martin Fischer

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Integration enabled by virtual design & construction as a lean implementation strategy

This theory paper probes the intersections of Lean, Mass Production and conventional Construction, Lean Construction, the Simple Framework for Integrating Project Delivery model, and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC). The authors argue that Toyota recognized that integration was necessary to achieve the goal of global...
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Automation of the building information model breakdown structure

Breaking down project information via different breakdown structures has been a successful way of managing and controlling construction projects with levels of efficiency and effectiveness otherwise unimaginable to achieve over the past decades. This paper introduces underlying concepts of a method that allows automatic grouping...
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Improving on-site meeting efficiency by using an automated model breakdown tool

Integrating Building Information Modelling (BIM) to on-site meetings in the construction phase has been a challenge to general contractors mainly due to the inflexibility of the current practice in grouping and organizing models to facilitate rapid, on-the-spot model queries. We have developed an automation tool...
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Virtual design and construction: Aligning BIM and lean in practice

The construction industry has experienced many inspiring improvements. Especially two movements have introduced innovative design and construction practices: The advancement of lean thinking and tools and maturity in applying BIM and related concepts and technologies. Although Lean and BIM often thrive in the same culture...
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Integrating delivery of a large hospital complex

Building a high performing building requires project teams to integrate their knowledge, their organization and their information, leveraging metrics, models (energy, BIM, cost and schedule), co-location and collaboration, and production management. Senior project leaders on the UCSF Mission Bay Hospitals project created an integrated community...