Glenn Ballard

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H. Glenn Ballard
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Lean, psychological safety, and behavior-based quality: a focus on people and value delivery

Psychological safety is a construct that can help to bridge the gap in our knowledge of the influence of human factors in the design and success of construction processes, and is based on assessments about the risks associated with an action. Lean principles, such as...
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Designing as a court of law

It is contended that legal proceedings, as they have evolved from Antiquity onwards, embrace important and effective principles for collaborative competition in pursuit of a common goal, in the considered context, justice. Seven principles contributing to this goal can be recognised: “hear both parties”, reasoned...
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Believing is seeing: Paradigms as a focal point in the lean discourse

In many ways, the transition from traditional modes of management thinking and behavior to Lean approaches is what Kuhn referred to as a 'paradigm shift'. Not only surface artifacts like behavior are different in a Lean organization - the most basic assumptions and patterns of...
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Indicators for observing elements of linguistic action perspective in Last Planner System

The implementation of the Last Planner System increases the reliability of planning and performance levels through the management of commitments. So far, the conversations during which commitments are set at planning meetings have not been analyzed in sufficient depth. However, this analysis is essential to...
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Integrated Project Delivery for infrastructure projects in Peru

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) implies a transformational change of the behavior and project's means and methods used by project participants. The aim is to break down the traditional silos of construction and to improve collaboration, communication, and alignment between different stakeholders of a project. As...