Stephen Loo

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Contemporary Aboriginal art and the cultural landscapes of urban Australia

Place identity in Australia is currently in a state of flux, owing to the decentralization of cultural landscapes through urbanization. Indigenous caring for landscape has always been associated with the originary condition of Australian wilderness. This paper argues that an understanding of place identity in...
Conference paper

Sound interpretation: acoustic ecologies and urban history

This paper explores how sound artefacts within urban acoustic ecologies can inform our perceptions of place, engaging a new dialogue with the cultural and built histories of post-industrial Tasmanian urban environments.

The role of informal community resources in supporting stable housing for young people recovering from mental illness: key issues for housing policy-makers and practitioners

This research project analysed housing policy interventions that help young people in recovery from mental illness. In particular it examined the way independent housing assists them access informal resources (e.g. family, peer and social networks such as sporting, church, cultural and community groups) at a...