Child Care Package evaluation: final report

This evaluation draws heavily upon the administrative data on the children's and families' use of child care, along with surveys implemented by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment, and by the evaluation team, as well as extensive qualitative data from consultations and location-based case...
Working paper

Measuring the social impact of income management in the Northern Territory: an updated analysis

The findings outlined in this working paper strongly suggest that income management has failed to achieve any systematic community level improvements in outcomes for the Indigenous population of the Northern Territory.

Evaluation and learning from failure and success

This paper discusses the evaluation capacity and capability of the APS and how it can adopt a sustained approach to learning from successes and failures. It outlines the need for a cultural shift and an institutional framework that embeds the strategic importance and processes of...
Working paper

Income management evaluations - what do we now know? Placing the findings of the evaluation of new income management in the Northern Territory in context

‘Income management’ programs, restricting the way in which some recipients of government transfers can spend this money, have operated in Australia since 2007. The nature of the programs implemented varies considerably, including the mix of voluntary and compulsory elements, and differences in the scope and...

Evaluation of income management in the Northern Territory

This is the final report of the independent evaluation of the “New Income Management” program which was introduced in the Northern Territory in late 2010 and involved restrictions on how people can spend their income support payments. There is a large (380 page) detailed full...