Amanda Vanstone

Born in Adelaide, Amanda Vanstone studied arts and law at the University of Adelaide and before entering politics worked in the legal area, retailing and small business. Amanda entered the Australian Parliament in 1984 and was a Liberal senator for South Australia from 1984 to 2007. She was the only female member of the Howard cabinet following the 1996 election that brought the Coalition to power. She held several ministerial portfolios in the Howard government including minister for employment, education, training and youth affairs, minister for justice and customs, minister for family and community services, minister assisting the prime minister for the status of women, minister for immigration and multicultural and Indigenous affairs, and minister assisting the prime minister for reconciliation. After her resignation from the Senate in 2007, Amanda served as the Australian ambassador to Italy until July 2010. Amanda was a commissioner on the Federal Commission of Audit in 2013-March 2014.
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Regional housing affordability crisis

Some towns and areas in regional Australia are facing price rises and property shortages that are making them unaffordable for the people what want to live there. Joining us to discuss this matter is Professor Andrew Beer is Dean of Research and Innovation at the...
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How many unions are selling out workers?

A former union official, Grace Collier, has called for greater scrutiny of 'deals' between unions and employers, which leave some workers worse off. Recently the Coles group had an enterprise agreement struck out because it disadvantaged some workers. Collier, now a private consultant, says workers...
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Aboriginal culture: at the heart of abuse

A young indigenous thinker from Alice Springs says too often women are part of the huge problem that is Aboriginal violence, because in many cases men are seen as incapable of doing wrong. Jacinta Nampijinpa Price says instead of looking to constitutional recognition or treaties...

Writing wrongs: plagiarism and self publishing

Many people dream of writing a best-selling book, but not many of them actually have a runaway success in them. In the past, budding author’s spent months, sometimes years, slaving over a typewriter or PC trying to produce something worthy of a Ludlum, King or...
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Wrong way, go back: rorting road funds

A new report says billions of dollars has been squandered in the last decade on road projects in marginal electorates to the detriment of our cities – where the infrastructure is actually needed. The report, from the Grattan Institute, says many of the projects went...