Bruce Bonyhady

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Fact sheet

Policy action to protect people with disability and COVID-19

This fact sheet, in partnership with the Centre of Research Excellence in Disability and Health, details the actions needed to protect people with disability and the disability support workforce during COVID-19, with a range of recommendations.
Audio podcast

NDIS: What’s working, what’s not?

In this Brotherhood Talks podcast, an expert panel discusses the implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), said to be the biggest social policy reform since Medicare. The panel includes an architect of the scheme, Professor Bruce Bonyhady, who is now Executive Chair and...

Reforming disability policy: from charity and welfare to social insurance and investment

The major public policy reforms of the last 30 years have largely bypassed the disability sector and the current welfare and charity model that underpins support for people with disabilities, their families and carers is in crisis, argues the chair of Yooralla. There are strong...