Hugh McDonald

Alternate Name:
Hugh M. McDonald

The Public Understanding of Law Survey: everyday problems and legal need

This report explores how everyday legal problems are experienced, what people do about them and if they are resolved. These problems cover a whole range of issues people face in their lives, including those with goods and services, housing, fines, employment, family, government, debt and...

Mixed bunch: the use and utility of administrative data in dispute and complaint resolution bodies in Victoria

Dispute and complaint resolution bodies are a vital part of the Victorian justice system, providing access to civil justice for thousands of Victorians. While they have a vibrant political and policy history, their establishment and functions have been organic and piecemeal. This report is an...

Working in community legal centres in Victoria: results from the Community Legal Centre Workforce Project - building and maintaining a sustainable workforce

This report explores why people come to work at community legal centres, their experiences and career path, their longer-term aspirations and why people leave, and where they are going. The findings shed light on issues and factors affecting workforce sustainability.

The Public Understanding of Law Survey (PULS) annotated questionnaire

This document sets out the full text and routing of the PULS questionnaire, along with commentary on the theoretical background to questions, rationale for their inclusion, details of technical development, references to relevant past studies, as well as PULS showcards.