Fiona Longmuir

Alternate Name:
Fiona G. Longmuir, Fiona Gail Longmuir

Australian teachers’ perceptions of their work in 2022

This report details findings of the 2022 'Monash University teachers’ perceptions of their work' survey - a study of Australian teachers’ perceptions of their career experiences.
Research Summary

The impact of COVID-19 on perceptions of Australian schooling

Schooling in Australia has changed significantly in the past year. Lockdowns around the country saw schools shifting to online and remote learning - sometimes with only a few hours’ notice. This report outlines findings from a recent survey of teachers.

Perceptions of teachers and teaching in Australia

This report shares findings of a nationwide Australian study into public and teachers’ perceptions of the teaching profession. The study was commissioned in response to ongoing concerns about recruitment and retention of educators and reports about the wellbeing of teachers and school leaders.
Literature review

A culture of trust enhances performance

This literature review addresses and informs the hypothesis that ‘a culture of trust enhances performance’ in schools. Drawing on an environmental scan of research and policy literature, the authors explore the definition of trust and the ways in which trust is linked to performance in...