This report details findings of the 2022 Monash University teachers’ perceptions of their work survey - a study of Australian teachers’ perceptions of their career experiences.

Debate and discourse in the media highlight an absence of teacher voices in conversations about the working contexts and conditions that impact them daily. This report contains teacher-elicited insights about their experiences and reflections on what could occur to improve current practices and educational policies impacting their work.

Key findings:

  • Most teachers reported that they felt the public does not respect teachers and that teaching is unappreciated.
  • Fewer than half of survey respondents reported feeling personally appreciated. A large majority of teachers indicated that they were planning to, or would like to, leave the profession.
  • A considerable majority of teachers reported that their workloads were unmanageable, and a quarter of teachers reported feeling unsafe in their workplace.
  • Teachers reported a variety of challenges in respect to their workload and their perceived respect.

This study shows that there are many issues facing Australian teachers, and these concerns are complex. Findings demonstrate that the challenges faced by the teaching workforce require systemic support guided by appropriate education policy.

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