Adam Steen


The cost of youth homelessness in Australia: research brief

The costs to the Australia economy of health services associated with young people experiencing homelessness is an average of $8,505 per person per year or $355 million across all young people aged 15-24 accessing Specialist Homelessness Services. This is $6,744.00 per person per year more...

The economic case for a more effective response to youth homelessness

This article argues that the Australian government needs to adopt a more sophisticated approach to addressing social problems such as homelessness, by investing in early intervention programs and more supportive social housing services.
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Exploring the relationship between resilience and help-seeking in homeless youth

Trauma in one’s lifetime is virtually universal in homeless populations. Research on the background of homeless young people suggests that their lives are often characterised by family dysfunction, abuse, maltreatment and neglect, overcrowding in the family home and personal turmoil preceding their first incidence of...

The Australian youth homeless experience: evidence from a longitudinal survey of homeless youth

Young people make up some 42 per cent of the Australian homeless population. Having no safe and secure accommodation can make everyday activities such as attending secondary school, engaging in further training, or getting a job difficult in the extreme.
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The role of resilience in a homeless youth population

Homeless young people are one of the most vulnerable populations in society. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of studies in the psychological literature detailing the links between homeless youth and a myriad of negative outcomes including poor physical and psychological health, substance abuse problems, violence...