Adam Steen


The cost of youth homelessness in Australia: research brief

The costs to the Australia economy of health services associated with young people experiencing homelessness is an average of $8,505 per person per year or $355 million across all young people aged 15-24 accessing Specialist Homelessness Services. This is $6,744.00 per person per year more...

The economic case for a more effective response to youth homelessness

This article argues that the Australian government needs to adopt a more sophisticated approach to addressing social problems such as homelessness, by investing in early intervention programs and more supportive social housing services.

The cost of youth homelessness in Australia study: snapshot report 1

Overview: This is the first national Australian longitudinal study investigating the economic, personal and social costs of youth homelessness over time across a broad range of locations. Too many young Australians are without any form of safe and secure accommodation. It is estimated that approximately...