Norm Kelly

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Directions in Australian electoral reform: professionalism and partisanship in electoral management

This book assesses Australian electoral reforms of the past 30 years using personal interview data and parliamentary debates. Australia has a proud history of being an international leader in electoral administration, and Australian electoral commissions continue to have a professional, non-partisan approach to the management...

A great result for the pollsters

Apart from an unexpectedly strong performance by the Bill and Ben Party, the NZ election result more or less matched expectations, writes NORM KELLY on our partner website, Inside Story.

Two ticks, not so easy

New Zealand’s voting system means that predicting a winner is never simple. On our partner website, Inside Story, Norm Kelly looks at the field.

WA election: "One vote, one value" yields unexpected results

The Nationals and the Greens were the star performers last Saturday in Western Australia, writes NORM KELLY.