Jen Jackson


Improving young children's learning in economically developing countries: what works, why, and where?

This review aims to assist researchers and project teams in early childhood education and care (ECEC) to draw on the available evidence when planning interventions. It also aims to set evidence-based suggestions for future research on ECEC interventions in these contexts.

Achieving our educational goals: a declaration for system transformation

This paper argues that if Australia continues on our current education trajectory, there is a risk that young people will not be adequately prepared for the future – and too many learners will miss out on the educational opportunities that they need.

Preschool benefits all children, but not all children get it. Here’s what the government can do about that

Australia is still far from having an early childhood sector that delivers what children and families need. Here’s where the next government needs to look to ensure an effective, affordable early childhood sector for Australia.

Educational opportunity in Australia 2015: who succeeds and who misses out

This study draws together information on the opportunities being provided to young Australians as they negotiate the various stages of education and training and attempt to establish themselves in the workforce during their transition to adulthood.