Frank Stilwell

Discussion paper

Can less work be more fair?

This paper is a collection of contributions from leading academics and social justice campaigners providing different perspectives on the ideas of shorter working hours and Universal Basic Income.
Conference paper

Basing economy on materiality: An analysis of Sydney's freight flows

This paper is part of a systematic examination by the authors of Sydney’s changing political economy within its largely self-imposed globalisation agenda.
Conference paper

Understanding Sydney as a global city

There is an ascendant academic argument that key economic processes are increasingly built at the scale of the city and, in turn, that successful urban economies are increasingly detached from their traditional hinterlands. Cities, in this city-centric global economy, are argued to be immersed in...
Conference paper

The urban economy: analytical, research and policy challenges

An understanding of the economic base of cities is necessary for their effective management. We need to develop both the economic tools and the policy expertise necessary for that purpose.
Working paper

Globalisation and cities: an Australian political-economic perspective

This paper discusses the forces generating social-spatial change in Australian metropolitan areas.