Frank Stilwell

Journal article

Refugees in a Region: Afghans in Young, NSW

This article examines how Afghan refugees living in the NSW country town of Young between 2001 and 2003 affected the regional economy. It seeks to assess the economic contribution of the Afghan refugees, primarily through their work at the Burrangong meatworks, through their local expenditures...
Journal article

Green-collar' jobs: employment impacts of climate change policies

Consequences of the implementation of climate change policies on employment - creation of jobs, types and location of jobs - developments culminating in the commitment to environmental economic policy change - threats and opportunities in the labour market - employment implications of energy technologies -...
Journal article

A Region Back on the Rails?: Passenger Rail and Regional Development on the NSW Far North Coast

The recent publication of the NSW Government's draft Far North Coast Regional Strategy (NSW Department of Planning 2006) provides a timely and interesting context in which to examine the NSW Far North Coast region. At stake are issues of regional governance and planning, spatial economic...
Working paper

Globalisation and cities: an Australian political-economic perspective

This paper discusses the forces generating social-spatial change in Australian metropolitan areas.

Australian urban and regional development: the policy challenge

This paper asks what can ameliorate or resolve complex urban and regional problems and inequality? Can urban and regional policy make a difference?