Larissa Behrendt


Why is overcoming Indigenous disadvantage so hard?

In this presentation, prize-winning novelist, Professor of Law and 2009 NAIDOC Person of the Year Larissa Behrendt addresses the lack of progress on Indigenous issues in Australia. Behrendt argues for a closer examination of the claim that Aboriginal self-determination is a “failed experiment”. She also...

Welfare payments and school attendance: an analysis of experimental policy in Indigenous education

Making the welfare payments of Indigenous people conditional on measures such as their children’s school attendance is becoming an increasingly popular policy measure in Australia. The stated aims of such an approach include ensuring that money is spent on essentials such as food, clothing and...

Native title: beyond the backyards and beaches

The recent Federal Court’s decision about the Perth area is not a groundbreaking legal precedent; it is the simple application of existing law to the facts that were presented during the case. Justice Wilcox seems to have understood how controversial his decision was going to...

Law and order is only part of the solution

Last week’s summit on Indigenous communities was a positive step, but a more strategic approach is needed, writes Larissa Behrendt.

No quick fix

Dealing with these issues will take sustained commitment and resources, writes Larissa Behrendt.