Centre for Workplace Excellence submission to the Inquiry into Workplace Fatigue and Bullying in South Australian Hospitals and Health Services

This submission presents a new, practical solution for bridging the gap between what is known about the causes of workplace bullying and what can be done to prevent it: an evidence-based risk audit tool, validated in South Australian hospitals.

Developing a workplace bullying risk audit tool

This project, funded by a SafeWork SA Commissioned Research Grant (CRG), is innovative in creating an evidence-based practical tool to assess the risk of workplace bullying before it occurs.
Journal article

Job design for mindful work: the boosting effect of psychosocial safety climate

Despite a surge in workplace mindfulness research, virtually nothing is known about how organizations can cultivate everyday mindfulness at work.

Bullying and harassment in Australian workplaces: results from the Australian workplace barometer 2014/15

Bullying was measured using both a widely accepted international definition and the Australian definition used by Safe Work Australia. The prevalence rates using the international and the Australian definitions were similar: 9.7 per cent and 9.4 per cent of Australian workers respectively reported they had...

Prevention of workplace bullying through risk assessment

In order to provide more detailed guidance to organisations regarding the risk management of bullying, this project took a fresh approach to understanding the organisational risk factors. First, we examined objective measures of job and organisational factors that may predict the likelihood of bullying at...