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Phillip Toner


Lost at sea: an assessment of the Productivity Commission’s report on container port productivity

This research challenges the methodology and conclusions of a recent Productivity Commission study of productivity in Australia’s container port system. The report suggests that the Commission’s exercise was ideologically motivated, and failed to properly interpret its own data.
Discussion paper

Residential time of use electricity pricing in NSW

Australian energy companies and regulators claim that introducing 'time of use' pricing will benefit consumers and move their consumption to times when the network is less congested. On closer examination, further adoption will impose increased costs on households and appears more likely to increase the...

Understanding productivity: Australia's choice

This report explores Australia’s productivity slowdown and the policy measures that are being proposed to address it. There is increasing recognition and agreement among policy-makers in Australia that productivity is a key driver of growth, competitiveness and living standards. But there is less agreement on...

Keeping up with technology: a pilot study of TAFE and the manufacturing sector

Australia's innovation capacity is, in part, reliant on its teaching workforce. In this pilot study Phillip Toner examines how vocational education and training teachers, in particular TAFE teachers, maintain the currency of their skills and knowledge base. He also explores their role in the development...

The role of vocational education and training in attracting foreign investment from multinational companies

Based on a literature review and twelve case studies of multinational corporations operating in Australia, Phillip Toner finds the quality of the domestic VET-skilled workforce is ranked equal third in importance, out of fifteen factors, when deciding to investment in Australia. To make the VET...