The State of Australian Cities Conferences Collection holds the catalogue of presented papers at the SOAC national conferences, from 2003 - 2019 under the aegis of the Australian Cities Research Network (ACRN).

Urban productivity and affordable rental housing supply in Australian cities and regions

This study examined relationships between urban productivity and affordable rental housing, focusing particularly on the availability of affordable housing relative to employment and labour markets in capital and satellite cities.

The future of towns

This report explores the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the future of towns in the United Kingdom. The authors have developed a new typology of towns, and provide in-depth analysis of the challenges facing different town types.
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PlanFIRST and thereafter: the process of reforming the planning system in neo- liberal climate

This paper looks at the process of reforms to the New South Wales planning framework initiated over six years ago generally referred to as the State government’s planFIRST initiative, against the backdrop of concerns raised in the literature over the trends in defining the role...
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Democratising GIS: progress and prospects for Australian cities

One of the important trends in the governance of Australian cities in the last decade has been the diffusion of geographic information systems in local government. This paper explores the engagement of GIS with participatory and democratic styles of urban governance in theory and practice...
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Urban entrepreneurialism: the case of the office of Western Sydney, 1998 - 2003

This paper explores the record of the Office of Western Sydney, as a thinly resourced and barely empowered institutional mechanism with a nonetheless impressive record, and identifies the strategy of dynamic network creation and utilisation that allowed positive changes to be achieved in developing and...
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Risk and security in Australian cities: Whose risk, whose responsibility?

This paper examines the evolution of risk and its governance in Australian cities - with the focus on Sydney. It considers the construction of risk and security and the roles played by different groups in defining these concepts, in constraining the choice of mitigation strategies...
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Governance, finance and accountability

This short paper an overview and partial synthesis of the papers presented in the sessions of the SOAC 2003 conference dealing with the theme of Governance, Finance and Accountability. It is intended to contribute to the process of identifying the critical policy and research issues...
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How significant an influence is urban form on city energy consumption for housing and transport?

As cities seek to make their energy, water, biological and materials sub-systems more sustainable, the degree to which the intensification of urban development is supportive of these aims will become clearer.
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Changes in patterns of accessibility in Sydney

While metropolitan restructuring and changes in journey to work patterns are well monitored at the aggregate level in Sydney by the NSW Department of Urban Affairs and Planning, the impacts of these changes on accessibility to employment opportunities remains largely unknown by the planning community.