Problem gambling

Working paper

6 Dec 2018

This paper explores economic variables (household income, employment, qualification, financial hardship, risk and stress) and selected social variables (life satisfaction, psychological distress, alcohol intake and smoking) from multiple HILDA waves in respect to problem gambling risk.


7 Nov 2018

This document provides a summary of the Local Prevention Program evaluation findings.

Journal article

30 Aug 2018

This article, by Norwegian researcher, Ingeborg Rossow, looks at whether the 'total consumption model' can be applied to gambling. Originally used in studying alcohol, this model suggests there is a strong relationship between total consumption and the amount of harmful consumption in a population.


23 Aug 2018

This study is the first to consider and directly compare the social networks of non-gamblers and non-problem, low risk, moderate risk and problem gamblers. It highlights the distinct role of social influence, likely through normalisation and social selection, not just of gambling, but also experiencing...

Discussion paper

20 Aug 2018

This document seeks comment on the proposed future direction and content of the Ministry of Health’s Strategy to Prevent and Minimise Gambling Harm 2019/20 to 2021/22.


15 Aug 2018

This study examined the impact of approaches to wagering marketing, including inducements, on vulnerable adults. Findings from the study show that wagering advertisements and inducements increase betting expenditure.


15 Aug 2018

This research examined the effects of ‘push marketing’ – direct promotional messages such as text messages, emails and phone calls – on wagering operators’ account-holders.


14 Aug 2018

This report details a program of research devised to address the VRGF questions about free‐to‐play mobile apps that mimic traditional gambling games. Although these products do not involve winning real money, they can involve winning free play‐time and thus replicate a critical element of real...


17 Jul 2018

Research suggests that the gambling environment in Australia is changing. Sports betting participation has grown substantially in recent years and is emerging as a significant contributor to problem gambling, especially among younger adult males.


16 Jul 2018

This report presents the findings of a study that examined the prevalence of gambling and problem gambling in Victoria, how these vary with age and gender, and how these have evolved from 2010 to 2016.


10 Jul 2018

This report calls for views on how the social cost of gambling-related harms can be measured and better understood.

Audio podcast

12 Mar 2018

Based on per captia spending, Australians are the world’s most prolific gamblers. In 2017, Australians lost nearly $24 billion to gambling, more than half of which was poured into pokie machines at pubs and clubs across the country.


14 Feb 2018

This research summary details findings on poker activity in Australia. The findings were derived from analysis of the 2015 Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey.


23 Nov 2017

This report provides an overview of gambling activity in Australia in 2015, with respect to participation, expenditure, and problems among regular gamblers. It has been written primarily for researchers and government officials who have an interest in Australian gambling statistics.


23 Nov 2017

It is well recognised that gambling can result in diverse negative consequences for many gamblers, as well as those around them and the broader community. This study aimed only to assess the costs associated with gambling.


24 Oct 2017

This report calls for a conversation about gambling and contact with the criminal justice system.

Discussion paper

26 Sep 2017

Community pressure in Tasmania is growing for poker machines to be banned from hotels and clubs.

Discussion paper

1 Sep 2017

This paper argues that well-designed electronic pre-commitment system can prevent and reduce harm from Electronic Gambling Machines (EGM) use.

Journal article

11 May 2017

This article looks at behavioural indicators that might be used to profile potentially problematic gambling.


20 Apr 2017

Gambling experts have hailed a potential plan to impose strict limits on television gambling advertising.

The ABC understands the federal cabinet is poised to impose the restrictions, but it's already facing resistance from the nation's biggest sporting codes.



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