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A model for evaluating causes of wastes and lean implementation in construction projects

This paper proposed a two-level model based on fuzzy logic technique for evaluating Causes of Wastes (CWs) and lean implementation in construction projects. Results demonstrated that the expected lean effect is found with a positive correlation with various levels of wastes and can be improved...
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Lean construction implementation in the Saudi Arabian construction industry

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has witnessed a huge increase in construction during the last two decades. However, many projects experienced time delays, cost overruns and the generation of massive amounts of waste. To address these challenges, lean construction has been introduced into the...
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The potentials of and barriers to the utilization of advanced computer systems in remote construction projects: case of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Background: An extensive body of knowledge indicated the positive impact of the Advanced Computer based Management Systems (ACMS) on various aspects of project management, while highlighting barriers that hinder adoption, diffusion, and utilization of the ACMS by the construction industries around the world. Remote projects...
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Critical barriers to social responsibility implementation within mega-construction projects: the case of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Social responsibility (SR) is still not effectively implemented within mega-construction projects. This study investigates critical barriers to it in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Findings contribute to a deeper understanding of critical SR implementation barriers. Identification and ranking allows decision-makers to develop strategies to...

Our culture, our identity: vision 2030

The document sets out the framework which will guide the activity of Saudi Arabia’s first Ministry of Culture. It identifies how the Ministry of Culture defines culture and the sectors.
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Iran’s threat to Saudi critical infrastructure: the implications of U.S.-Iranian escalation

There is growing concern about Iranian threats to Persian Gulf countries, particularly Saudi Arabia. This briefing paper assesses the Iranian threat to Saudi Arabia by answering several questions. What types of strategies, tactics, and capabilities could Iran use against Saudi Arabia? What are potential critical...

The Gulf divided: the impact of the Qatar crisis

Since 2017, Qatar has been subject to a boycott by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt (the Arab Quartet), creating a deep rift in a region already beset by civil wars and insurgencies. This paper examines the causes and dynamics of this dispute in...

Saudi Arabia vs. Iran: the Washington factor

This paper argues that Saudi King Salman’s recent emergency meetings may have been in response to attacks on Saudi assets, but it is likely that his goals will be overtaken by larger ones that could be played out on a much-larger scale.

Towards decarbonising transport – a 2018 stocktake on sectoral ambition in the G20

This report provides a summary for each G20 nation, including data on CO2 emission trends in the national transport sector, climate policy targets and measures for lowering emissions. The data make clear that only three countries from the G20 have set targets for reducing emissions...
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Israeli–Palestinian peacemaking: the role of the Arab states

Because of their good relations with both the US and Israel, certain Arab states are well placed to play an important role in Israeli–Palestinian peacemaking. This briefing explores four scenarios concerning their role in the process and the likely outcomes.