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This report profiles 1,465 registered charities which reported that their main activity in 2015 was aged care. It is a companion report to Australian Charities Report 2015.

Key findings

In 2015 Australia’s 1,465 aged care charities made up 2.9% of all registered charities, but they accounted for:

  • 9.3% of the charity sector’s total income
  • 10.8% of the charity sector’s income from government
  • 9.5% of the charity sector’s total expenditure
  • 13.8% of charities’ total assets
  • 14.1% of all charity sector employees.

While many aged care charities deliver residential aged care and home care services as part of the national aged care system, charities perform a much wider range of activities benefiting older people, including providing cultural and recreational opportunities, social services and religious services. 

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