A snapshot of Australian giving

Information, insight and observation for the benefit of donors and fundraisers

26 Sep 2018

This snapshot sits alongside a growing number of reports and research papers that shine a light on giving in Australia. Given the historic lack of insight and information on this topic, it is pleasing to now be able to draw on a number of sources, all of which help givers and receivers build a clearer picture of Australian philanthropy.

The existence of multiple data sources also allows Koda to take a slightly different approach to its own research effort this time around. Building on the work of dedicated researchers like the highly respected team at QUTs Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies, we have reviewed the latest data and information produced by government, academic and private institutions across Australia. Rather than attempt to produce a dense or strictly academic summary, we have drawn out and pulled together some of the most up-to-date, interesting and important publicly available data on giving. We’ve then added our own insights and observations, based on direct experience with clients and the broader giving community.

This snapshot is intended to be interesting, surprising, insightful and easy to digest. To make it easier to read, sources are numbered throughout the document and listed at the back. Bear in mind that many different sources have been used and this should be considered when evaluating, comparing and contrasting information. We hope this snapshot stimulates your own thinking.

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