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The power of advocacy

Making the case for philanthropic support for advocacy

14 Feb 2018

Funding policy advocacy involves working to achieve change in a particular cause area by seeking to influence public policy - including laws, regulations and government practices. It can be a very effective way to address the complex social and environmental challenges we confront.

For this reason there is a growing impetus for philanthropy to fund policy advocacy, something very evident at the Philanthropy Meets Parliament Summit in September 2017, which had a strong focus on policy advocacy.

To build on this momentum, Philanthropy Australia has produced this useful resource for philanthropic organisations interested in learning more about funding policy advocacy.

The report:

  • Explains what policy advocacy is
  • Outlines the rationale for philanthropy funding policy advocacy
  • Sets out the law regarding funding policy advocacy
  • Addresses some misconceptions, and
  • Presents eight case studies of philanthropy funding policy advocacy
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