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Rooftop solar panels are more affordable than ever and the people of NSW are making the most of this clean energy opportunity. More than 350,000 of our households are already harnessing the power of the sun. Battery storage gives people the power to bank their solar supply and be able to use it any time— day or night. This means that those 350,000 households are now considering whether storage works for them.

Advances in the efficiency and affordability of batteries are speeding up. The Australian Energy Market Operator now anticipates more than 1,000 megawatts of batteries will be installed in NSW by 2035.

This guide seeks to help consumers answer two questions: Would battery storage save me money? How do I choose the right battery system?

The home solar battery market is evolving quickly. This guide provides general advice and every care has been taken to provide accurate and up to date information. You should seek expert advice to decide what option is right for you.

NSW has an aspirational objective of netzero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and individual households and consumers will play a critical role in meeting this objective. The government is working to accelerate the transition to emerging clean energy sources. It isn’t enough just to provide options, we want to ensure our people are empowered to access clean energy in the best way possible.

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