Western Australia state budget 2017-18

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This is the budget speech delivered in Parliament by the Treasurer on 7 September 2017. It outlines the priorities of the Government for the budget year and is the formal second reading of the Recurrent and Capital Appropriation Bills.

BUDGET PAPER NO. 2 – 2017-18 BUDGET STATEMENTS This paper supports the Appropriation Bills and provides details in relation to the amounts appropriated. It provides financial and performance information for agencies receiving appropriations from the Consolidated Account. It comprises the following chapters: Chapter 1 – Consolidated Account Expenditure Estimates Summarises appropriations from the Consolidated Account. The item numbers in this chapter correspond to the Appropriation Bills presented to Parliament. Chapter 1 also gives a summary view of past appropriations plus estimated forward projections. Chapter 2 – Net Appropriation Determinations Summarises the total revenue retained by agencies under net appropriation determinations. These determinations allow the agencies to retain certain revenue received and to apply that revenue towards the delivery of services as specified in Chapter 3. For detailed Net Appropriation Determinations, please refer to individual Agency Budget Statements in Chapter 3: Agency Information in Support of the Estimates. Chapter 3 – Agency Information in Support of the Estimates Presents detailed financial and performance information by agency consistent with summary level information as per Chapters 1 and 2.

BUDGET PAPER NO. 3 – 2017-18 ECONOMIC AND FISCAL OUTLOOK This paper analyses the fiscal position of, and forecast results for, the public sector. It does so at a whole‑of‑government level as well as for the components of the public sector – the general government sector, public financial corporations and public non‑financial corporations. It assesses the budget aggregates against the Government’s financial targets. A glossary of terms frequently used in the Budget Papers can be found at the back of this document.

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