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Policy coherence for development (PCD) is a widening of the analysis of the performance of Official Development Assistance (ODA) policy to also include other government policies that could affect development outcomes. This study focuses on those other government policies and New Zealand’s position in international forums on those policies. It does not include activities funded by the New Zealand Aid Programme or other agencies to improve development outcomes. This report identifies good examples of known New Zealand PCD initiatives, assesses the potential to expand these, seeks to find new PCD areas, and assesses the willingness of other departments to consider PCD.

Method: Opportunities for improving PCD were checked against the strategic themes in the New Zealand Aid Programme Strategic Plan. The opportunities we identify fit primarily under the strategic themes of improved economic well-being and human development.

Main Findings: The key areas identified were in expanding the size and scope of labour mobility initiatives, shared procurement and training, safeguarding remittances to the Pacific Island Countries (PICs), enlarging pension portability, and further developing flexibility of risk underwriting for exports and services in the PICs. A wide variety of other government policies were investigated for PCD opportunities but most were found to be reasonably well aligned with the strategic themes in the New Zealand Aid Programme Strategic Plan.

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