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Polling – state fracking moratoria and renewable energy targets

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The Australia Institute regularly conducts polling on a range of public policy issues. The Australia Institute surveyed 1,421 Australians between 17 and 26 September 2017 about whether they support or oppose their state government implementing a moratorium on fracking for gas and an increased renewable energy target. Between 26 April and 5 May The Australia Institute polled 1,408 Australians about what they thought was increasing energy prices. 

In September, 

  • Twice as many support a moratorium on fracking for gas in their own state (49%) than oppose it (24%). 
  • Three quarters (74%) of Australians support an increased renewable energy target in their own state.
  • Support for state renewables targets is essentially unchanged since March 2016.

In May, 

  • Half of respondents said the main cause of increased gas prices was gas exports (52%), and one in six said the main cause was state bans on new unconventional gas extraction (17%).
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