Next generation engagement: informing community engagement for Australia’s infrastructure sector

Research priorities summary: phase one
Community consultation Infrastructure Australia

This report represents the expertise, experience and advice of almost 200 individuals working in community engagement, government, peak industry bodies, institutional investors, project planners and proponents, sector recruitment and civil society. These contributions were complemented by a national survey that found that ‘stakeholder and community pressure’ was the most impactful contributor to project delays or cancellations, according to respondents.

This report applies years of research into stakeholder engagement, impact assessment, social risk and social licence to current practice. It represents diverse research perspectives ranging from urban planning, economics, social science and psychology to engineering and policy science. In the spirit of consultation, the project also reflects deep and challenging conversations with community engagement practitioners, our colleagues at universities across Australia, and the input of peak professional bodies internationally.

The Next Generation Engagement project is propelled by the gap between best practice community engagement principles and practice and on-ground experiences.

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