Report on the metropolitan area of Adelaide

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This historic plan for Adelaide was completed in 1962 and adopted in 1967,

In 1955, the Parliament of South Australia amended the Town Planning Act to allow for creation of a metropolitan plan of Adelaide. The plan was prepared by the Town Planning Commission.

The plan was supported by extensive research into population, land use, transport, infrastructure , industry, open space and services needed for future urban development.

In 1955, Parliament amended the Town Planning Act to make provision for the preparation of a plan to indicate how the metropolitan area should develop in the future. A Town Planning Committee was set up to prepare the plan and carry out the necessary surveys, investigations and consultations with other authorities. A report must accompany the plan and on completion the plan and report must be submitted to Parliament. The first chapter of the report deals with the need for a plan, and the events leading up to the legislation requiring the plan to be prepared. The terms of reference of the Committee are given, together with an explanation of the scope of the plan and the methods and procedure followed in its preparation. The chapter concludes with an acknowledgment to all those who have assisted the Cornmittee in its task.

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