The 30-year plan for greater Adelaide

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The 30-year plan for Greater Adelaide was aimed at guiding population and economic growth, particularly in respect of land use, transport and infrastructure. It was revised in 2017.

The 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide (the Plan) sets out the land-use policies to manage the growth and change that is forecast to occur in the region. It builds on Light’s vision and the 1962 Report on the Metropolitan Area of Adelaide, and positions South Australia to take advantage of our opportunities and be fully prepared for future challenges.

During the next 30 years we are planning for:

  • steady population growth of 560,000 people
  • the construction of 258,000 additional homes
  • economic growth of $127.7 billion
  • the creation of 282,000 additional jobs.

This Plan will:

  • locate the majority of new housing in current urban lands, particularly around transport corridors
  • focus on creating mixed-use precincts that bring together housing, jobs, transport services, recreation and leisure
  • set aside a net land supply of 10,650 hectares to create new growth areas which will be based on the principles of mixed-use development, higher densities and a greater mixture of housing, and wherever possible will be located next to transport corridors
  • through its implementation, generate $11.1 billion of gross state product (GSP) over the 30 years
  • create 14 new transit-oriented developments and more than 20 sites that incorporate transit-oriented development principles and design characteristics
  • contribute to keeping housing and living affordable in South Australia
  • provide for housing choice for our ageing population, families, professionals and young people
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