Planning strategy for metropolitan Adelaide (August 2006)

15 Aug 2006

These documents formed the metropolitan plan for Adelaide between 2006 and 2010.  Introducing the plan, then Minister for Urban Development and Planning Paul Holloway wrote: 

This Strategy provides direction from the State Government on land use and development in the metropolitan Adelaide planning region. This region is framed to the west by the sea, to the east and south by the Mount Lofty Ranges, and to the north by the Gawler River. The people of Adelaide have an enviable lifestyle and enjoy a high standard of living at relatively low cost. Metropolitan Adelaide has a temperate climate, fabulous beaches, a clean environment, ample open space, and key destinations are readily accessible. Adelaide also provides a diverse range of employment and business opportunities.

In order for this current high standard of living to continue well into the future, Adelaide needs more people living and working here. This is particularly so given the ageing of our existing population. The capacity to create economic opportunity must be improved through the development of infrastructure, business opportunities and increased coordination between the business, education and government sectors. Simultaneously the qualities of the natural and urban environments must be preserved, maintained and enhanced.

The Planning Strategy for Metropolitan Adelaide plays an important role in achieving these aims by providing clear direction for the land use and development activities of Councils, Government agencies and the private sector.

As an appendix, the strategy included the Residential Metropolitan Development Program, which analysed the projected demand for housing.

This Residential Metropolitan Development Program (Residential MDP) supports South Australia’s Strategic Plan which requires the Government to invest in strategic infrastructure to develop and support sustainable communities. A key intention of this objective is to maximise the use of the existing infrastructure thereby reducing the need for further capital works and containing development to within the Urban Boundary. The Residential MDP is an appendix to the Planning Strategy for Metropolitan Adelaide, which describes the physical manifestations of the Government’s policies on planning, housing, social inclusion and natural resource management. The Program analyses the projected population of the Adelaide metropolitan area and its associated demand for housing. It then describes the sequence in which land will be released for residential development.

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