The Planning Strategy presented State Government policy for development from 1998 to the early 2000s.  It sought to guide and coordinate State Government activity in construction and the provision of services and infrastructure which influence the development of South Australia.  It also indicated directions for future development to the community, the private sector and local government.

A revised Planning Strategy appeared in January 1998 and, while the format and structure were recognisably similar to earlier versions, there was a greater rhetorical emphasis on promoting a business environment conducive to investment. This strategy also reflected a desire to update Adelaide’s long-established centres policy… There was an increased emphasis on infill urban development and on the desirability of housing around transport nodes. These notions, together with the continuing redevelopment of older public housing areas, were brought together in the late 90s under the name ‘urban regeneration’, a term which, in South Australia, could mean a number of different things according to context. (Stephen Hamnett 'Ten Years of Metropolitan Strategic Planning in South Australia' 2005: 4-5)

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