The Canberra Plan

includes the Canberra spatial plan, Building our community: the Canberra social plan and The economic white paper for the Australian Capital Territory

14 Mar 2004

The Canberra Plan seeks to implement the vision through actions under its seven strategic themes (see pages 8–14). These themes bring together a series of strategic documents, which directly and indirectly form The Canberra Plan. Integral but separately produced ‘chapters’ of The Canberra Plan include The Economic White Paper, The Canberra Social Plan and The Canberra Spatial Plan.

The Economic White Paper is our economic development strategy. It sets out measures to support commercial, educational and research activities in order to achieve greater economic opportunity and maintain high employment.

Building our Community – The Canberra Social Plan sets out priorities for increasing the well-being of our community.

It is an expression that captures the Government’s commitment to the principles of access, equity and participation.

The Canberra Spatial Plan released in March 2004 outlines ‘what goes where’ that is, where we ‘live, work, learn and relax’. It is based on maintaining a healthy community, sustaining employment opportunities, retaining the current ease of movement within the city, respect for the natural environment, protecting Canberra’s unique sense of place, and ensuring fiscally responsible development in the ACT.


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