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Australian businesses contribute significantly to economic growth through commercial activity in international markets. These areas of activity include: foreign direct investment, trade in goods and services, and other international activities – such as manufacturing products overseas through licensing, undertaking R&D overseas and employment of temporary staff.



Since 2014, Australia’s International Business Survey (AIBS) has aided in the understanding of Australia’s international business activity, as well in evaluating the impact of international economic trends on Australian businesses.



This year, the Export Council of Australia (ECA) commissioned the Centre for Business and Social Innovation (CBSI) at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) to conduct the research study and produce the AIBS 2017 Report.



A total of 1068 Australian businesses were surveyed for AIBS 2017, of which 941 were engaged in international business activity. The remaining 127 respondents were not currently involved in international business activity, and instead responded by highlighting areas that could assist them in engaging in such activities.



This report analyses AIBS 2017 responses in the context of the following areas:



(1) The diversity of Australia’s international business activity



(2) Australia’s international business activity in focus



(3) Innovation in Australia’s international business activity, and future outlook



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