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Early thinking: operational governance for trans-Tasman e-invoicing - discussion paper

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This paper provides information about the trans-Tasman electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) collaboration and seeks feedback from key stakeholders on early thinking about operational governance options for trans-Tasman e-invoicing arrangements. The feedback received will inform the further development of options and related advice to the Australian and New Zealand (A-NZ) governments.

As outlined in the background section of this paper, the A-NZ governments have committed to progressing a standardised, trans-Tasman e-invoicing framework. The A-NZ officials’ joint working group will shortly need to develop advice for responsible A-NZ Ministers on longer-term management and delivery arrangements (operational governance) for the ongoing collaboration.

The discussion paper focuses on four areas that we would like to engage with stakeholders on:

  • Legal considerations – What do you consider to be significant policy or legal barriers to the implementation of e-invoicing in Australia and/or New Zealand?
  • Legal personality, continuity and limited liability – What do you think would be the best legal structure for the operational governance body?
  • Government and industry participation in operational governance –

(a) Beyond the initial establishment phase, who do you think should lead the operational governance of trans-Tasman e-invoicing; and what functions and roles should the operational governance arrangement include?

(b) Do you see sufficient incentive in our proposal for you to consider participating in the operational governance body?

  • Operational sustainability – How do you think the long-term sustainability of the operational governance of trans-Tasman e-invoicing, with appropriate cost allocations, can best be assured; and what funding models do you suggest?


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