The vision for the Basin Plan is for strong and vibrant communities, productive and resilient industries and healthy and diverse ecosystems.

Five years on from establishing the Basin Plan in 2012, water has been recovered for the environment and we are starting to see the benefits.

This report card provides a summary of progress made in Victoria towards achieving the Basin Plan environmental outcomes.

It describes progress towards watering goals listed in Victoria’s Long–Term Watering Plans for fish, waterbirds and vegetation since 2012 including:

  • Water for the environment delivered to over 80 sites in Victoria
  • three Long-Term Watering Plans to guide environmental watering in Victoria completed
  • over 800 GL of water for the environment recovered (and have contracted to recover), representing 76 per cent of the total volume to be recovered in Victoria
  • four major works projects completed under the Living Murray initiative and nine new high quality projects planned that allow the watering of approximately 14,440 more hectares of floodplain
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