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Young, international graduate outcomes - destinations

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This factsheet and the associated data tables provide information about what young, international graduates who study at a government-funded tertiary education provider do in the first ten years after they complete their studies. The results show what graduates did in the 2014 and 2015 tax years. They update the results in the report Moving Places.

After completing their study, graduates are assigned to one of five destinations each year. This is based on how long a graduate is pursuing an activity and what their ‘main’ activity is.

The five graduate destinations are:

  • Overseas
  • Further study
  • Receiving a benefit
  • Employed in New Zealand
  • Unknown/Other.

Where a graduate meets the criteria for more than one destination, the order of precedence is: overseas, further study, receiving a benefit, employment, unknown/other. These rules mean that employment rate estimates are conservative as they exclude those who work overseas, or both work and do any further tertiary study at a government-funded tertiary education provider.

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