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The social sector needs to take notice of this growing field that is driving better interventions in health, education, and human services. Nick Perini from SVA Consulting talks to Robyn Mildon, Executive Director of the Centre for Evidence and Implementation (CEI), to find out why.

Implementation science focuses on what helps and what hinders the uptake, effective implementation, and sustainability of proven programs, practices, and policies in every day service.

The field has developed to drive the better use of effective interventions in health, education and human services.

It addresses many factors which can get in the way of the quality of implementation including competing demands on frontline practitioners; lack of knowledge, skills and resources; and misalignment of the evidence with operational priorities.

To be well implemented, programs need to be adequately described, have sufficient funding for more than just training, and the data collected needs to cover three areas: reach, implementation and outcomes.

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