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Report of the review to achieve educational excellence in Australian schools through early childhood interventions
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This independent review was commissioned by state and territory officials in Australia to complement the Commonwealth Government’s Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools.

The review was led by Susan Pascoe AM and Professor Deborah Brennan. They were asked to consider and make recommendations on the most effective interventions in early childhood, with a focus on school readiness, improving achievement in schools and future success in employment or further education.

The report finds that quality early childhood education makes a significant contribution to achieving educational excellence in schools. There is growing evidence that participation in quality early childhood education improves school readiness and lifts NAPLAN results and PISA scores. Children who participate in high quality early childhood education are more likely to complete year 12 and are less likely to repeat grades or require additional support. High quality early childhood education also has broader impacts; it is linked with higher levels of employment, income and financial security, improved health outcomes and reduced crime. It helps build the skills children will need for the jobs of the future.

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