Westport: what you have told us

3 Apr 2018

The Westport Taskforce was established in September 2017 to develop a long-term integrated solution to meet the freight, logistics and trade needs of Perth and the surrounding regions.

The Taskforce will provide guidance to the Western Australian Government on the planning, development and growth of the Port of Fremantle at the Inner and Outer Harbours, the required rail and road networks, supporting industrial land and intermodal terminals and the potential for the Port of Bunbury to contribute to the handling of the growing trade task.

During all stages of the two-year process, we are committed to engaging with stakeholders and the community to ensure we capture the views, knowledge and skills of interested parties.

In December 2017, we undertook the first phase of engagement by releasing the Westport: Preparing for the Strategy discussion paper.

In releasing the discussion paper, we invited the community to join the conversation on our planned methodology to devise the Strategy.

This consultation summary outlines the key themes from the feedback we received and discusses how it has influenced the methodology that will guide our project approach.

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