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Technical report

Renewable gases supply infrastructure – Technology, resources, economics and GHG emissions.

1 Mar 2013

The objective of this study is to provide the City of Sydney with a comprehensive knowledge base on renewable gases - gases derived from thermo-chemical (synthetic gas) or biological conversion (biogas and landfill gas) of residual waste and biomass resources and upgraded into pipeline-quality substitute natural gas (SNG) - covering the key dimensions of technology, resources, economic and envrionmental performances. 

The study explores in particular the integration between the Trigeneration and Renewable Energy components of the City's Decentralized Energy Master Plan. Its main focus is to identify the potential for renewable gases, developed from conversion of residual waste and biomas resources available within the region surrounding Sydney, to satisfy the projected demand for gas from the City's propsed network of trigeneration facilities, this expanding the fraction of the City's demand for energy services that can be met by renewable sources and generating further opportunities for the City to deliver significant, long-term greenhouse gas mitigation outcomes. 

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This report is a technical appendix to City of Sydney. Decentralised energy master plan renewable energy 2012-2030
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