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Gaslighting Australia: why the gas industry is an emerging climate and environmental disaster

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Federal Energy Minister, Angus Taylor, wants Australia to have a ‘gas-fired recovery’. The Australian government’s Technology Investment Roadmap discussion paper advocates an expansion of gas as a way to smooth the transition to renewable power generation. But how dirty is gas? And has its time as a ‘transition fuel’ already come and gone?

This short report looks at the state of gas projects in Australia and its contribution to our climate problem.

Main finding:

Gas is a fossil fuel. Mining gas is a climate disaster. Last summer’s fires and smoke haze were a vivid reminder to all Australians that climate change is here. We have long moved past the point of considering gas, which is mainly methane, as a transition fuel. The heavily polluting gas industry is not going to help Australia tackle the climate crisis. Clean, renewable energy is the answer.

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